Who We Are



The modern world is hasty: to live, to know, to discover, to feel, to forget… While rushing through this mundane buzz of life, we are still able to refrain, dive out and feel the real things around us. It is the nature and its miracles that help us come back into our inner self and the things that are precious to us.

We are a family business with a combined 15 years of pioneering experience of aromatherapy and natural skincare. Back in the 2005-2010’s there were very few product ranges available that were made from natural ingredients, today it is commonplace. This is of course to the benefit of our health! AromaTerra is in love with things inseparable from the natural way of life, such as aromatherapy products and natural cosmetics and accessories. The brands of our choice presented on the online shop are part of our daily life. We have carefully selected a wide range of quality products by the best manufacturers. Here You will also find a selection of hand made AromaTerra products. We are pleased to bring you products that we are acquainted well with and have enjoyed using for the past 20 years. From our customers’ feedback, we are pleased that you feel the same way! Caring for Your health is a life-long labour of love, and using these effective and at the same time natural products brings harmony to Your own natural beauty, inside and out.

We are passionate about sustainable farming (organic and biodynamic) and fair-trade relationships. We are seeking a product does not harm the planet or people since each time a product is used, it encourages production of another one.  This means that if a product is kind to the planet, consuming it is a positive action.

Natural living is our choice, belief and way of life and we have a burning desire to share it with You.

Our mission is to change the world for the better, one drop of essential oil at a time, hence our slogan: less is more. One does not need more to be healthy and wealthy. Happiness and sufficiency lies in essential things. Less is more means that having just the essential things is better than having way too much of superfluous things. It allows you to focus on what really matters. It brings the notion that a smaller amount of something can be much more effective than a large or excessive amount. Just as in architecture, where simplicity is superior to elaborate embellishment, in aromatherapy less might be so much more when having efficiency and performance in mind. Just a tiny drop of an essential oil can go a long way and accomplish loads of work. This is all so much in line with slow living and zero waste.

Let us slowly discover the wide range of natural aromas giving an even greater spectrum of holistic effects. Sedative, harmonising, balancing … yet energising, stimulating, freshening…

Slow down. Release yourself. Feel the fulfilment.