Sodinamos papier mache širdelės su sėklomis
Paper shape with seeds Wishes GrowJaunojo sodininko rinkinys_instrukcijaYoung garderner’s set Wishes Grow

Young garderner’s set: paper heart seeds ”Wishes Grow!”

15.00 €

Looking for a kid's gift that is different? Or maybe something that would replace fresh flowers? Choose our Young Gardener's Game with papier mache hearts and a watering can and present greetings that grow! The set includes 5 different-coloured individually-packed handcrafted paper hearts with seeds, which can be planted and will  grow flowers! The set also includes a watering can. Packed, suitable as a gift.

The set includes True Lavender (bot. Lavandula angustifolia), Catnip (Nepeta Cataria L.), Sage (bot. Salvia officinalis), and Anise Hyssop (bot. Agastache foeniculum)  seeds.

Includes an instruction. Please mention your language preference (EN or LT) in the notes at checkout!


Product Description

Instructions of use:

These decorative handmade paper hearts contain garden flower seeds. The paper hearts can be planted where it will create a mini garden.

Plant the paper heart under a thin layer of soil or good potting compost. Can be planted indoors or outside. So you get to choose according to the temperature and conditions at the time of planting.

Water and nurture with plenty of sun, love and care. During the first 10 days keep the paper moist at all the times.

Once sprouts appear, be careful not to overwater. Observe your wishes grow and bloom…