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Dfiffuser humidifier SNOW MOUNTAINAromatherapy dfiffuser humidifier SNOW MOUNTAINEterinių aliejų garintuvas drėkintuvas SNIEGO KALNASDfiffuser-humidifier SNOW MOUNTAINMažas bet galingas drėkintuvas SNIEGO KALNAS

Aromatherapy diffuser humidifier SNOW MOUNTAIN, blue

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Enjoy Fresh and Fragrant Air
transform the home environment for ultimate comfort in everyday living. Bringing elements of design, performance, and value of quality products Humidifiers are ideal for improving the air quality in any room, relieving you from all the symptoms of dry air.
Just fill in up to 3/4 of the tank with water, screw and switch the humidifier on. The mist flow can be easily directed towards the area where the moisture is needed. Moisturised air relieves dry scratchy throats, dry nasal passages, dry winter skin and any other symptoms associated with dry air. It also helps to keep the plants healthy.
Note: This Humidifier is not intended to be an aroma diffuser and it should not be used with essential oils.
The Humidifier has an Automatic Shut Off which turns the Humidifier off if the water level is low or if the water tank is removed. The Overnight operation of Optional Soothing Night Glow Light helps you to relax in the night.

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Product Description


1.Romantic warm soothing night light

2. Humidifier with continuous mist and intermittent mist mode free exchange

3. Small size large capacity 500ML last work 12 hours

4. Exquisite high quality artificial outlook

5. Heavy mist with ultra-quite design

Technical specification

Material: ABS+Silicone+PC+Metal+Electric Part

Water tank:500ML Size:95*95*129mm

Colour: white/pink/grey/blue

Power: 1.5-2W Voltage: DC5V (without battery)

Mist Output: 30-50ml/h

Working Time:12-18Hours

Packing List: 1x Humidifier 1 x User Manual

Ways of connection and steps of operation

1.Phone charger 2.Power bank 3. Laptop USB port

MIST: short press switch start for continuous mist, short press switch again start for intermittent mist (spray 3s stop 2s), short press switch once again turn off mist .

LIGHT: long press switch 2s turn on led nightlight (warm), long press switch again turn on soothing light mode (warm), long press once again turn off light


If you want to purify the air of the premisses, do not forget to cleanse the diffuser before use!

Water level in the tank must not exceed the „MAX“ level!

Turn the device on only when the tank is filled with water!

Regularly cleanse the device as shown in the manual (Cleanse with water, use a small amount if dishwashing liquid, after washing wipe gently with a clean cloth to dry).

  • 1. Quiet: ensures super quiet, consistent operation no matter the setting so your living space is evenly humidified with healthy, soothing mist. Prevents dry, smelly air and chapped skin during winter or when in dry locations.
  • 2. LED night light: the built-in night light can be set to your favourite colour or to cycle through all the colours, making it a perfect bedside companion (some products may not).
  • 3. Powered by USB Adapter: NOT battery-operated, the USB cable is included, USB Adapter is NOT included. The humidifier will automatically shut off when water runs out.
  • 4. Convenient to add water: the compact design makes it easy to add water. Just unscrew the lid to add water easily.