KidSafe Sniffle Stopper 10 ml

Plant Therapy Sniffle Stopper KidSafe Essential Oil Blend, 10 ml

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Sniffle Stopper helps keep your child’s head and respiratory tract clear. Sniffle Stopper is as effective as Respir-Aid (one of Plant Therapy most popular synergies) but is safer for young children.

Specifically formulated for children ages 2-10.

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Product Description

Diffuse a few drops of Sniffle Stopper to help your little one breathe easier. Dilute to 3-5% in your favorite carrier oil and apply to their chest and under their nose.

Aromatic Scent: A cool, crisp and clean frosty winter forest.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: None Known When Diluted Correctly

This synergy contains 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of:

Fir Needle (Lat. Abies Sibirica),
Rosalina (Lat. Melaleuca Ericifolia),
Spruce (Lat. Picea Mariana),
Cypress (Lat. Cupressus Sempervirens),
Spearmint (Lat. Mentha Spicata), and 
Cedarwood Virginian (Lat. Juniperus Virginiana).


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