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Bambukinis stovasBambukiniai stovai eteriniams aliejamsBambukiniai dėklai eteriniams aliejamsBamboo rack organiser for essential oilsBamboo-Essential-Oil-Storage-Rack-Organizer

Modern Open Sided Essential Oil Tray MAXI

24.00 €

The unique design of this essential oil tray makes it a must-have for any home or office. This tray even holds over 24 bottles of 15 ml volume, so there’s plenty of room for your go-to essential oils! The design also makes it incredibly easy to see and grab whichever essential oil you need, whenever you need it.


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Product Description

Essential Oil Storage Rack Bamboo 15ML 24 Compartment Organizer

This display was made to fit bottles that are the following sizes:

24 bottles of 15 ml volume.

Size and weight:

24*20*4.5cm/9.45*7.87*1.77in, 260g