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Eco-Friendly Wool Laundry Dryer Balls, 5 pcs.

25.00 €

  • Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls, set of five 
  • 100% Handmade, Natural and Unscented

Wool dryer balls are an awesome way to cut down on drying time and decrease electric usage. Dryer balls will continue to felt with use and become smaller/harder as time goes on, this is just the natural felting process and does not effect their ability to fluff laundry as it is drying.
Dryer balls are available in 5-packs.


Product Description

USE FOR ALL DRYING CYCLES, FABRICS, AND LOAD SIZES. Use with all types of clothing, cloth diapers, athletic gear, towels, linens and so much more. They help to eliminate wrinkles, reduce static and soften clothes naturally. They are gentle on clothing and, unlike other dryer balls, quiet in the dryer. YES, these are designed to be QUIET!

CHEMICAL-FREE, CRUELTY-FREE, AND SAFE FOR EVERYONE. Great for Skin allergies and for babies. Did you know that regular fabric softeners release harmful compounds into the air of your home? You won’t find chemicals in our Wool Dryer Balls! We don’t use any synthetic fillers, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. They are safe for everyone.

QUIET REUSABLE FABRIC SOFTENING. Reduce drying time by up to 30%! They tumble freely in the dryer, affording greater airflow for faster drying time. They are anti-static, hypoallergenic like natural fabric softeners. They are an XL size, premium class. Light and fluffy for prime water absorption.

5-PACK FELTED WOOL BALLS. Each set will last up to 1,000+ loads. We recommend you use all 6 balls to shorten drying time for Medium loads.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Wool


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