Difuzorius – aromatinis oro drėkintuvas JUODA SNAIGĖ
Difuzorius-garintuvas-aromatinis oro drėkintuvas JUODA SNAIGĖDifuzorius-garintuvas-aromatinis oro drėkintuvas SNAIGĖ – 7 spalvų apšvietimasDifuzorius-garintuvas-aromatinis oro drėkintuvas metaliniu rėmeliu JUODA SNAIGĖDifuzorius – aromatinis oro drėkintuvas SNAIGĖ – parametraiDifuzorius – aromatinis oro drėkintuvas SNAIGĖ – naudojimas

Diffuser – Aromatic Air Humidifier SNOWFLAKE, black

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Exquisite and fine detail

Anti-rust metal shield with multiple layers of hand painted decorative art; a true vintage facade.

Unique and inspired decor

Distinct in form and function, combining an aroma diffuser with a stunning home décor, making it the perfect gift idea.

Vintage with a touch of modern

Built-in 7 LED colour changing, misting time control and auto-stop.

★ Exquisite and fine detail

★ Unique and inspired decor

★ Vintage with a touch of modern

★ BPA-free

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