Difuzorius – aromatinis oro drėkintuvas HYGGE, juodas
Difuzorius – aromatinis oro drėkintuvas JUODAS HYGGEAromatinis oro drėkintuvas JUODAS HYGGEDifuzorius – aromatinis oro drėkintuvas BALTAS HYGGE – instrukcijaAromatinis oro drėkintuvas – eterinių aliejų garintuvas JUODAS HYGGEUltragrasinis drėkintuvas BALTAS HYGGE

Diffuser – Aromatic Air Humidifier HYGGE, black

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Exquisite and fine detail. Modern Scandinavian design. Distinct in harmonious form and function, combining an aroma diffuser with a humidifier, stunning home décor, a night lamp, making it the perfect gift idea. Comes in two colours: white and black with wood texture. Built-in 7 LED colour changing, misting time control and auto-stop.

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Product Description

2in1. Diffuser & humidifier. Several drops essential oil can be added for wonderful space atmosphere. A romantic diffuser and a mini humidifier for both home and office use.

7-Color Light. 7 colourful can be cycled through or set to one fixed colour. Soft and gentle light presents romantic and pleasant enjoyment.

Modern Scandinavian design. In compact and decorative design, mute working mode, and no-water auto power-off function, this humidifier is both safe and pleasant for using.

2 mist modes (continuous and intermittent). With ultrasonic cooling mist atomizer, the humidifier presents finer and more gentle mist.

A perfect gift. It is good choice to use this lovely diffuser as gifts to your friends and families, and lovers at home or in the office for a more enjoyable living atmosphere.


[LIGHT] Button function usage:

Press once, the item enters 7 color light cycled changing mode.

Press twice, fix the present color light. Then the [LIGHT] button becomes light switch button.

Long press [LIGHT] button for power off.

[MIST] Button function usage:

Press once, item enters continuous mist spraying mode.

Press twice, item enters intermittent mist spraying mode.

Press the three times for power off.


If you want to purify the air of the premisses, do not forget to cleanse the diffuser before use!

Water level in the tank must not exceed the „MAX“ level!

Turn the device on only when the tank is filled with water!

Regularly cleanse the device as shown in the manual (Cleanse with water, use a small amount if dishwashing liquid, after washing wipe gently with a clean cloth to dry).

Medžiaga PP+ABS.
Apdaila black colour with light wood exterior (white colour also available)

Techninės specifikacijos:

Type Ultrasonic Humidifier
Power USB DC 5V 1A
Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Capacity 90ml
Material PP + ABS
Working Time 5 hrs (max.)
Mist Mode Continuous / Intermittent
LED Light 7 Colour
Mist Output 15 – 20 ml/h
Automatic Off Waterless
Dimensions 100mm x 100mm x 100mm
Weight 250g
Package Contents
Contents Ultrasonic Humidifier, USB Cable, Manual