Dabur_Red_Rose_Water_250 ml
Rose Water made of Red Roses in India

Dabur rose water, 250 ml

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Made from the floral essence of fresh red roses, Dabur Rose Water is a pure floral essence of special hand picked roses. 100% pure rose petals water produced by distilling different local rose petals in India.

Free from artificial additives. Calorie-free. Free from gluten. Vegan.

Rose water is traditionally used in  desserts to enhance the flavour. Rose water is used together with neroli water in different recipes, for example, used in fine pastry biscuits, milk and rice puddings as well as traditional confectionary of Liban.

Rose water, also known as rose hydrosol, may be used in cosmetics instead of a tonic.

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Product Description

Rose water in its purest form, from Dabur, made from the extract of special hand picked roses. Rose water is just what its name indicates: a distillation of rose petals. Its intense and perfumy flavor is used in Indian Rice Puddings, Indian Sweets and Lassi, an Indian shake made with yogurt.

Add the fresh floral essence of rose to drinks, baked goods, and other desserts with rose water. A little goes a long way, so add sparingly to recipes.

Rose Water works as an effective, natural moisturizer that keeps skin soft, moisturises dry skin and hair.

Important information

The sediment if any in Red Rose Water does not indicate any deterioration in quality. It should be decanted or strained before use.

Comes in a glass bottle.

Manufactured in Dabur, India.

Ingredients: rose petals water.


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