Aromaterapinis pomanderis TRIO
Aromaterapinis pomanderis TRIO su lava

Aromatherapy Lava Stone Pomander TRIO, gold colour

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An aromatherapy pomander with a bead of lava stone.
This necklace is a perfect way to wear your favourite essential oil or a mix even when you’re not at home.
We recommend using only natural essential oils from reliable manufacturers.


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Product Description

A golden coloured chain and lava stones.
Lava stone is one of the oldest found stones around the world and its origin plays a key role in the stone’s healing properties. The stone comes from the core of the earth. Because the stone comes from a raw energy (fire), it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth. Known for its grounding and calming healing properties, lava stone is great for stabilizing the root chakra. When the root chakra is stabilized, you feel safe, anchored and more positive. It’s porous nature makes it perfect for diffusing essential oils to help relieve stress or provide energy. Can also be used to aid with sleep.